Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Black Friday Tradition

Happy Black Friday ! The thought of shopping at 5am with thousands of others makes me cringe. Instead, our tradition is to make a Gingerbread House and use it as the centerpiece for our table...and then we decorate our Christmas tree.

By the way, our Greenberg Smoked Turkey was FANTASTIC, just like I knew it would be. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Mr. Greenberg !!
More for a note to myself...this was our menu.

Hot Crab Dip for snacking....YUMMA LUMMA !

Greenberg Smoked Turkey... Yes, I will order this again !!
Mom's Sweet Potato Casserole - Yes...perfecto !
Corn and Herb bread Sausage Stuffing Yes, it's fabulous every single time !
Mashed Potatoes- Always
Make Ahead Gravy-by Cuisine Tonight. Yes ! I will make it again. (I made it on Tues. )
Jellied Cranberry Sauce - out of the can...a must for the hubs
Fresh Cranberry Relish- didn't work this time -Use Pecans next year. Did not like the walnuts.
Carmel Banana Pie- a bit runny, but tasted great. Bake carmel longer next year !!
No Thanksgiving is without a hiccup in my house....I could NOT figure out why I was so relaxed at dinner...I felt unsettled because I knew something was missing but could not figure it out.
The CARROTS !! I forgot to make my buttered carrots !!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAA !! ( oh well, at least it wasn't the PIE, like I forgot LAST year !! )


Karen said...

Your Thanksgiving menu sounds wonderful! I bet that turkey was delish!

LuLu said...

very taste menu! Your friday looked like a ton of fun!

Sara said...

Your menu sounds great, I want to make a caramel banana pie!


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