Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Wine Exchange

Pinot Grigio

I love this wine. It picked it up at the grocery... $7.49 ! A refreshing basket of apple, pink grapefruit, and lime sorbet ! LIME SORBET ??? ARE YOU KIDDING ? What's not to love ?! A great wine to try !


Kathy said...

Sounds great!! Is it sweet or dry?

Queen B. said...

Hmmm... not too sweet and not too's just great !

"Clean and crisp with lip-smacking pink grapefruit, crunchy green apple and lime sorbet flavors.
Balanced acidity and fullness in the mouth is followed by a long refreshing aftertaste."

LuLu said...

oh love a new wine to try.

Aggie said...

Oh I will have to pick some of this up! I am a big fan of pinot grigio!! I'd love a glass of it right now!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
PS...I love your header!


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