Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A peak outside my Cozy Kitchen window

I woke up and decided to take a few pictures of the view outside the Cozy Kitchen.
My kitchen is surrounded by mostly windows, so I thought I'd share with you what I see all day when I'm cooking. Here are a few...

When my son saw the sky, he said it looked like God took scissors and cut the sky in half. I grabbed my camera, and snapped this picture at 7:00 this morning.

Then I ran inside, and cut up an orange. I love to feed the birds ! I watch them outside my window all day long !

I noticed my winter Camellias were in full bloom !

I love winter blooms ! Even on gloomy days, these flowers make me smile.
This is my River Birch. I absolutley love the bark, and the way it unfolds in the winter ! It reminds me of unwrapping a crayon !
What's outside your Cozy Kitchen ? Take pics, post about it, come back here and leave a comment, and we can all go on a tour of what's ouside your Cozy Kitchen window ! We'll call it the Cozy Kitchen Window tour !


LuLu & Co said...

love your view outside the Cozy Kitchen. perfect to take time out with all this holiday craziness and enjoy the view!!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are fantastic. So clear and vibrant.
My camellias are also in bloom. They bloomed early this year than usual.

JEWEL said...

Wishing I had a view like that. If I had that view, I would cook all day :-).

Kathy said...

Beautiful view!!


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