Monday, January 12, 2009


I must be feeling nostalgic these days. I find that when I'm in need of 'comfort', I make things that remind me of 'home'. I swear I feel like a kid again when my kitchen smells like it did when I would come home from school. To be perfectly honest, it makes me feel 'safe' and 'secure' my mom is just in the other room and for just a few moments, all is well with my world.

Cheese Enchiladas ready for the oven !

My dad is from Mexico and married an American girl from a very small town. Food has always been highly important to my Dad, so mom learned to cook Mexican food from Lita.... (abuelita, which means grandmother in Spanish ). Every meal I ate growing up included rice and corn tortillas on the side. Most the meals mom made were Mexican, and so today, I'm making her cheese enchiladas. She made all kinds of enchiladas, but my favorite were always just plain cheese. And since I want to really feel like a kid today, well, then Cheese Enchiladas it is !!
Last night I made mom's Beans & Rice. I will make refried beans from the leftovers to serve on the side. Perfect. Dinner is served. My all time favorite use of leftover refried beans is to fry an egg, and place it right on top of a mound of beans... Oh my about COMFORT !! HELLO !!

Making enchiladas is soooo easy ! Not to mention cost effective ! They make great leftovers, so I love making more than I need !

-Stack of corn tortillas

- can of enchilada sauce - depends on how many you are making. I use a large can for 2 casserole pans

- Cheese - cheddar or Jack or pepper jack or combo of any... depending on what I have on hand determines which I use ! I tend to use 2 cheeses and alternate enchiladas...I like wondering what I'm going to bite into !

Pour enchilada sauce in sauce pan and heat on low.
Pour just a little sauce to cover the casserole dish you are using... so they won't stick. ( I use about one ladle)

Pour oil in skillet. Fry corn tortilla until it begins to 'bubble'... then dip in sauce, place on work surface and fill with cheese. Roll and place seam side down in casserole dish.

Repeat until you have a full tray. Top with remaining enchilada sauce, and more cheese.

Bake at 350 for 25 min. or until cheese melts.
Serve with rice, tossed salad, and don't forget the sour cream !

Seriously, how easy is that ? Delicioso !!


JEWEL said...

These look great. Do share the recipe! There are certain meals I like to cook when I wasnt to have a home day, cozy and warm.

LuLu said...

Can i come for dinner, we love enchiladas in our home too.

Queen B. said...

Just added the recipe for You ! Enjoy.

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Your enchiladas look great!


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