Sunday, January 11, 2009

More than Sea Glass

I've been spending time getting the "beach" back into my Cozy Beach Cottage.. I love decorating for Christmas, but I love putting my house back together after Christmas even more. Nothing soothes my soul more than the colors of Sea Glass. These are not just jars of sea glass, they are jars of everlasting memories! We used to live in Hawaii. My children and I plucked these up right off the beaches... each and every piece here... and when I look at my sea glass, I don't see blue and green and white. I see sandy toes and waves and little legs running down the beach and I hear squeals of laughter as the waves rush in to try and keep what is rightfully hers and I smell that gorgeous salty air ... That's what happens to me when I see these jars. I love them more than anything in my home because they are not just sea glass. They are more than sea glass. They are bits and pieces of their childhood that I was able to capture and hold onto. Even as they grow, I can look at these and remember and smile and be thankful and feel blessed.


Matt said...

What a beautiful post! I used to collect sea glass from my family trips to the ocean when I was a boy. Unfortunately, I gave it all away years ago. Your right. It's more than sea glass. It's oceans of well-worn memories.

Karen said...

Isn't it nice that such small things can conjure up such wonderful memories. I still have my daughter's high chair (26 years old) and everytime I look at it I see her sitting there eating Cheerios or her first birthday cake. The time goes much too fast!

Anne said...

It truly is more than sea glass. One of my favorite memories is when we collected sea glass together in Hawaii. I still keep it in that jar we bought together. I plan to keep it that way forever. Thanks for the memories, love you sis.

Kathy said...

Memories are a wonderful thing!! Thanks for sharing.

LuLu said...

Great memory to share and you have forever! So pretty to look at.


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