Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Meet my new best friend, TJ Maxx

Ok, so my favorite stores are Williams-Sonoma, and Crate and Barrel when it comes to kitchen items. I don't have the time to bargain shop and go through stuff all jumbled together on shelves. I like a nice presentation. That was until I moved into the Cozy Kitchen by the Sea, where not only the Kitchen is "Cozy", but so is this town. Unless I online shop, I'm frankly out luck. TJ Maxx opened up this summer about 30 miles away. I had an appointment on that side of town today, so I ran in real quick. I came out with these goodies... I love nothing more than a good bargain, especially in this economy. I'm really looking to save where I can. Having a Cozy Kitchen stocked with fun goodies keeps me home, happy and cooking !

These came home to the Cozy Kitchen...
WILLIAMS -SONOMA CANDLE for $9.99 ! ( I bought Peppermint! Think Holidays!!) was 19.95

"Autumn" Nonpareils by The Gourmet Baking Co. for $3.99 ( was 6.00) Looks like I'll be baking in the near future! They are a gorgeous blend of fall colors !

Mrs. Myers Clean Day Handsoap in "Gingerbread" ! I can hardly wait to set this on my sink !! It smells so good! $3.99 ( was 6.00)

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MissBliss said...

I may have found someone who understands the passion I feel for TJ Maxx ;) they just opened one within walking distance of my house!!! this is a first; I've always had to drive and they've been at least 20 minutes away... I'm excited about the new one to say the least!!!


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