Friday, October 10, 2008

It's MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZA night at Cozy Kitchen by the Sea !

My favorite night....Make Your Own Pizza night !
I can't believe my luck ! Last time we made pizza, my 'helper' kept insisting on borrowing my rolling pin. I was trying to be patient, but I don't have all day to play in the dough ! While I was at Ross in search of cool, bargain kitchen items, I found the perfect accessory for my "helper".
It's a Sil-Pin Junior !! I found it at Ross for $5.99
Just her size !!

Doesn't everyone make pizza in a tutu ?

My "Princess" made this for me... She said it was "US"...because our hands were 'together'.
Waaaaa!! I love Homemade Pizza Night ! I could never have these precious memories with pizza out of a box !!


LuLu said...

so sweet!!!

Rachel said...

such a cute rolling pin! i kind of want one for myself....

Anne said...

Those photos are too cute and I love the little rolling pin, too!


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