Friday, October 24, 2008

The Wine Exchange

It's Friday Night. I've had a long week. Tonight, I'm not feeling well. I didn't even make my "homemade" pizza. I ordered Luigi's Pizza for a whopping $35.76 ! Waaaaaaa ! But what can I say...I'm not superwoman.
Dang !

The least I can do is review the wine I'm drinking with our Pizza !!

J Lohr Estates Los Osos Merlot 2005/06 Paso Robles, California

"A rich Merlot showing juicy cherry flavors.
A dark red, supple and soft Merlot from carefully selected vineyards in California’s Paso Robles region. This full-bodied wine shows lively."

It has rasberry, red currant, and blackberry !
I bought it at Walmart for $13.99.
Will I buy this again ? Yes! Simply fabulous !!


Anonymous said...

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Bill Austin

LuLu said...

Love a recommendation on a good wine!!! Got love the days we know our limits and order pizza...hope you are feeling better.

Laura said...

I love your site! I am going to have to try that wine! Thank you for reviewing it.


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