Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Magic Wands

This was a fun project ! Remember those "Autumn" Nonpareils by The Gourmet Baking Co. that I found at TJMaxx ? This is the end result...Magic Wands. Perfect, since my little kitchen helper is going to be a Princess for Halloween.
They were so fast and easy to make.

Magic Wands
1 Bag Pretzel Rods
1 lb. Almond Bark ( vanilla flavored coating )
Nonpareils or other fun sprinkles

Melt the Almond Bark in a double boiler or just use sauce pan, but keep on low heat til melted.
Dip pretzel in melted almond bark.
Roll in sprinkles.
Cool on parchment lined cookie sheet til dry.


Kathy said...

Great idea!! thanks for sharing.

LuLu said...

oh I love it!! I am going to copy them!!!!LOVE IT

Maria said...

I love making these! They are so good and great gifts!

Tami said...

Yum! I would love to reach out and grab a couple of those for my dessert tonight. hahaha!

Cyndi said...

These are just too cute for words! Thanks for giving me a great project idea to try with my boys this weekend! That is, if I can manage to keep them from wielding said wands in an ocular-ly-threatening fashion. ;)

Peppercorn Press said...

These are adorable! My favorite Aunt always brings chocolate coated pretzels during the holidays and they are always one of my best-loved treats... something about the sweet and salty mix. Now that I have a young daughter and she's so interested in "helping" in the kitchen, I think these would be a great project for us to try - especially with the fun sprinkles. Looks like my Aunt might have some competition this year!

sherri said...

Love these- they would be great for my trick or treaters, too!

Kate said...

These look tasty and are adorable! I love the combination of sweet and salt! Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

What fun! I'm hanging on to the recipe for the next visit by my grandsons and thinking that twisted
pretzels would make wonderful tree ornaments. This is a great idea.

Barbara said...

What a fun posting. Love the Halloween colors- great idea!

Cathy said...

How fun is this! Kids of all ages will love them. And they would make lovely little gifts.

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Hi! I came over from food with style and I'm so glad I saw your post! I am giving a bridal shower and I'm going to include these on the menu if that's okay with you. Thanks so much for the idea. I think they will be so colorful on my fall table. I'll create a post about the shower at the end of October so come by and take a look at my version of your creation. Have a great day :)


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